CRAFT/Invitation to Change Peer Consultation Group

Please come join our monthly meeting of fellow clinicians who are interested in working with families who have a loved one struggling with addictive behaviors. We use the two hours to connect, support, learn, practice, and consult with each other on CRAFT-related topics and skills. Our meetings have been on a Friday, usually once a month, from 4:30 to 6:30 in inner SE Portland; dates vary depending on greatest availability for the group. Interested in joining us? Can’t make the time happen but want to stay connected anyway? Want to learn more? Let me know and I’ll add you to our CRAFT/ITC peer consultation email list.

CRAFT/Invitation to Change Research Links and Information

What is CRAFT? -

Introduction to ITC -

CRAFT overview - Center for Motivation and Change

Invitation to Change - Center for Motivation and Change

APA Intervention synopsis: Excellent brief summary of CRAFT related research

Listing of Dr. Robert Meyers CRAFT related research from his website.

NCBI article on CRAFT, specifically with parents of treatment-resistant adolescents, with additional links to related studies on left hand side

NCBI meta-analyisis of Motivational interviewing.

Handout from Oregon Counseling Association presentation on 12/7/2018

Click here for a pdf of the handout offered at this event.