Recommended Resources for CRAFT:

Below are a few excellent resources for parents, partners, family members, and friends of loved ones who are struggling with addictive behavior. CRAFT, or Community Reinforcement And Family Training, is an approach that helps support and change the environment around the struggling person and works towards the following three goals:

  • Encourage the loved one to enter treatment of some kind
  • Encourage the loved one to reduce or stop the problematic behavior
  • Help the family return to a more balanced life

To learn more about CRAFT, check out this article, "What is CRAFT?" by the Center for Motivation and Change.


  • Center for Motivation and Change
    • Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change
      • A phenomenal resource that offers both practical skills as well as insight into other people's life experience on how it is to love someone engaged in an addictive cycle. 
      • The above link takes you to the website for the book and includes 3 minute video about the book as well as options for purchasing the book.
    • 20 Minute Guide
      • There are two versions of the guide, one for Parents and the other for Partners. Both offer a more hands on way to practice the skills offered in Beyond Addiction, but are also comprehensive enough to stand on their own.
      • The above links go to the website on the workbooks, including access to pdfs of the chapters.
  • Dr. Robert Meyers and Dr. Brenda Wolfe



Other resources

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