Recommended Resources for CRAFT:

Below are a few excellent resources for parents, partners, family members, and friends of loved ones who are struggling with addictive behavior. CRAFT, or Community Reinforcement And Family Training, is an approach that helps support and change the environment around the struggling person and works towards the following three goals:

  • Encourage the loved one to enter treatment of some kind
  • Encourage the loved one to reduce or stop the problematic behavior
  • Help the family return to a more balanced life

To learn more about CRAFT, check out this article, "What is CRAFT?" by the Center for Motivation and Change.


  • Center for Motivation and Change
    • Beyond Addiction
    • 20 Minute Guide for Parents
    • 20 Minute Guide for Partners
  • Get Your Loved One Sober
    • written by Dr. Robert Meyers and Dr. Brenda Wolfe
  • SMART Recovery Family and Friends Manual



Other resources

  • Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
  • Addiction The Next Step
    • Crisis Toolkit
      • A series of videos for parents or partner that teach CRAFT skills as applied to some common questions.
  • SMART Recovery Family and Friends
    • Website
    • Local Meetings

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