So sorry….

I am sorry, my practice is full at the moment. I am currently experimenting with running a waitlist to see if that better meets the needs of potential clients. I will remove this page when I am able to immediately accept new clients.

Sometimes people reach out to me in particular because there is something that I offer that other therapists don't (SMART Recovery knowledge or CRAFT certification or I was specifically recommended to you, for example). If this is your situation, it may be worthwhile to go ahead in exploring whether we might be a good fit and get on my waitlist while you look for other options. If might be more helpful to simply keep looking for another available therapist who would be able to meet with you sooner. (If that’s the case, skip to the bottom of the page for information on other clinicians.)

Practice Information

Here is some information about my practice that might help determine if you wish to get on my waitlist at this time:

  • Waitlist process

    • When I have a spot open on my caseload I contact the list members, starting with the folks who have been waiting the longest, to see if they are still interested in working with me. If they are not longer interested or have not returned an email within the allotted amount of time, I move down to the next person and check in with them.

    • Please understand that services with me does not begin until we have met in person, have mutually agreed that my scope of practice and the level of care I provide fits for your situation, and the policy and consent forms have been signed and reviewed together.

  • Finances can also be a barrier for folks sometimes

    • I am not in-network with any insurance providers. Although I am willing to provide superbills for clients to seek reimbursement from insurance companies, I do not bill insurance directly. The amount you would be reimbursed depends on your plan and would need to be explored through them.

    • Because I don't take insurance and would wish to be as accessible as possible I offer a service fee range. If we were working together you would select an amount within the range of $90 to $140 per 50-minute session at an amount that is both sustainable for you and economically just.

Given this information, if you are still interested in having a conversation with me to join my waitlist or ask questions, please feel to reach out!


Other Clinicians

If you would like to connect with some other potential clinicians, here are some other options in the local area who describe themselves as having a similar approach and/or training as I do who may have current openings.




  • Stephanie Brell, LCSW CADC I

    • website:

    • addresses: 1020 SW Taylor ste 448 And 211 NE 28th Ave, Portland OR

    • phone: 503-572-5271

    • note: Very similar approach towards therapy, strong interest in SMART and CRAFT

  • Artin Chaklader, LPC

    • website:

    • phone: 503-707-6782

    • email:

    • note: person-centered, mindfulness, and narrative-based therapy