Rabbit Trails...

Articles related to wellness, behavior change, addictive behaviors, community, and growth are fascinating to me.  Here's what has caught my eye recently... 

A bit of a longer video, at about 14 minutes, but I really appreciate Michael Rogan's description of attention, how it gets captured, and the differences between focused and open attention. I watched this a few months ago, and it really stuck with me.

You can watch this one right here or click on the title above to be taken to YouTube.

Source: YouTube, dated 12/11/2017

Micro-progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started

This short article, written by Tim Herrera in the Smarter Living newsletter section of the New York Times, encourages us to just get started.

For me, the practice of creating micro-goals can make the difference between getting outside for a walk and sitting on my butt checking "just one more thing" online. On those days when taking a walk seems too much, then I tell myself "I'm not taking a walk, I'm just walking out the front door." If that is too big, then "I'm just putting on my shoes." If that seems overwhelming, then "I am just putting my left toe into the elastic opening of a sock." At some point the goal becomes ridiculously small enough that my exasperated brain finally gives up and says "fine!"...and I start moving. Mr. Herrera's article is a more elegantly presented version of this...with research references to back it up.

Source: New York Times, dated 1/22/2018

Co-authored by Drs. Michael Ascher, Jeff Foote, and Elana Rosof, posted in Psychology Today, and promoted by SMART Recovery (via their Facebook group), this article describes the potential influence a concerned family member can have on an addicted loved one's decision to go into treatment, and touches on many of the important points along the way.

Source: Psychology Today, dated 6/16/2017

The ACT Therapist

A 2.5 minute-long video of a poem by Portland's own Dr. Jason Luoma and Dr. Jenna LeJeune, directors of Portland Psychotherapy. If you start it, please commit to watching it the entire way through. 

Source: YouTube, dated 3/20/2013

Why Self-Compassion Isn't Self Indulgent

A short 3-minute article by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. that introduces the important distinction between self-compassion and self-indulgence.

Source: PsychCentral, dated 6/5/2016


Excellent 6-minute video that explores the sustaining elements of addictive behaviors as explained by Bruce Alexander's "Rat Park".

Source: Kurzgesagt (on Youtube), dated 10/29/2015

State of the addiction treatment field: where we are and where we need to go

Article by Tom Horvath, Ph.D., ABPP, one of the leaders in the field, discussing his perspective of how to successfully shift addictions treatment in the United States to be more effective and humane via 4 major avenues: decriminalization, harm reduction, multiple pathways to recovery, and support for families.

Source: PracticalRecovery.com, dated 3/13/2017


How to Practice Effectively, according to science

A 5-minute, animated Ted Talk that illustrates the connection between repeated actions and physical changes in the brain...as well as how to harness this power!

Source: NPR, dated 3/6/2017


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